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March 2014

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2014 BIA Crew

Santos Arellano
Dianne Beeber
Barbara Birt
Joan Carnes
Karen DiRocco
Christa James
Judy Longhouse
Deb Maicach
Carole Moran
Marlene Norton
Richard Tesmer
Patty Woodbury
Doreen Wonderlick

Get ready for a new 2014 BIA starting Sunday, 8:00 PM, EST, 08/03/2014!

Its time again for the next Biggy Iggy Auction! Starting August 3, 2014 at 8 EST!!!

2014 BIA Angel - Nina


There is a little 6 year old IG girl by the name of Nina in Missouri who was recently turned in to IGCA Rescue. Julie Payne, the IGCA Rescue Rep and Area Co-ordinator, says that Nina is happy and playful. View Nina's Story.

2014 BIA Angel - Diana.


Diana is a 10 year old fawn and white female who came into rescue on March 18, 2012 when her family was moving and could not take her with them. View Diana's Story.

2013 BIA Angel - Figi. Figment Jones.
2013 - A beauty of a rescue - meet Delilah.
2013 - The Precious Gift of Life - meet Mason.
Truly a Happy Tale from California. 2012 BIA Story here.
2012 - View Triplet's Story here.
Where does your money go? Who does it help? Every year is filled with heartaches and huge expenses, wont you help?  View Sparky's story from 2010.

How do we take one scared little girl and make her ready for her forever home?  Click here to view her story from 2009.

Your time and generosity will help many needy little IGs receive the care and love they deserve.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this website, the auction or need help please contact:

Richard Tesmer


Marlene (Auctioneer)

2009 BIA - More Angel Stories!

Gali's Story

Galilea (before illness)

Galilea was pure sweetness on earth. She had following of admirers and hopeful adopters from people who met her at IG playdates and meet & greet events. There was just something special about Gali.  more

Auction Guidelines!  Please read the following Guidelines to help insure a successful BIA 2010!

All auction payments are due 10 days AFTER notification TO the winners.  If payment is not received during specified time, item(s) may be listed again for auction.

* * *

We are all volunteers and give our time freely.

It is a HUGE help to us to conclude transactions ASAP!

There may well be exceptions from time to time. If you have a VALID reason and need more time, we will accommodate a SINCERE VALID delay in payment and/or mailing -- within a reasonable time frame. If you have a problem send an email to Marlene Norton.

This is so that we can aim to have ALL auctions closed no more than 1 month after the auction. We do not have the time or resources to continue to "track" late items.....NOR do the Iggies have the time or resources. The sooner we get the funds to their destination, the sooner the bills can be addressed AND the more good we can continue to do!

* * *

Thanks for understanding and continuing to help the Iggies!

* * *

In most cases, donors KEEP the item they are donating until notified to ship.

If you wish to donate an item or items, please send a description of the item and a picture to Patty Woodbury.

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